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customessay.com review

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customessay.com review and discounts


If you need academic writing on demand, this service is for you. It is exactly what it offers. You got a paper to write. We got a writer to do a paper for you. It sounds like a mutually beneficial proposal, does not it? Read more in the following review, based on my personal experience from using the service. Experience is not that positive but I have no regrets. I try not to have regrets and accept everything I face with gratitude in my life and take away a lesson.


Among the services the company offers are essay writing, term papers, book reports, dissertations, cover letters, academic writing, literature reviews and out of all that I decided to choose some what I needed most of all at the time – an essay to write to begin with. My experience in writing essays is not that big. I tried to write something and I was told it was not bad but I wanted something new, I needed a fresh breeze, something original and I thought online service would be at hand.


When one writes on his or her own (let us not be sexists, both, a man and a woman can be a writer and a great writer and a history proves it), a person knows where the information is taken from and is more or less sure of the amount of mistakes if any. Even though a service guarantees its content to be error-free and absolutely original, one never knows and I happened to find both, mistakes and plagiarism. This service was not an exception. The essay I received produced on here contained 40 % of plagiarism, which is A LOT and inappropriate!

Quality of paper

I will not say a word upon a quality of the essay I received because I think I have already said enough for you to jump with conclusions but an essay is not the only thing I asked for on this service. I also was in need of a term paper and a book report. Frankly speaking, the more they say about their originality, the less originality they possess. At the same time, I agree that online service is not the place to be modest, timid and shy but to take a fresh look at the situation.

Policy of price

There is no pricing section on the navigation panel. You will never guess where to look for the pricing table. See the list of services to the left? In the end of the list, you will get to see and much more line and view more services… It is clickable. Click on it and there will be a pricing table. A paper on here is written from 24 hours to 5 days and more. Prices are based on pages. One page is 250 words while at most services it is 275 words per page.

Order details

I placed my order through Order section on the navigation panel. There is an application form to fill in. I filled in all the necessary fields. It did not take me long. There is nothing scary about it. There are personal information and information on order you require, plus extra services and a discount code. Do not forget to check the box next to read and accept the policies line and submit.


I like the overall look of the website. There is also a video, which speaks about the writers of the service who have degrees, original content and no plagiarism within a content, about any deadline to be met, about easiness of ordering on here and simplicity of usage.

Have you ever placed an order with customessay.com before?

customessay.com review

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